Premier International Student Health Insurance

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As an international student studying in the U.S., your school requires you to provide proof of medical insurance prior to enrolling for classes. You are not required to buy a specific plan. You can buy on-line and have all health insurance documentation and medical coverage today!

Compare the Premier Internation Student Health Insurance Plan with your school's plan.

HBC has compiled this information from public information as a resource for students seeking alternate coverage to the school’s sponsored plan. HBC specifically does not intend to imply a sponsorship or endorsement between the school and our website or company. Since Premier International is an alternative to the school’s student health insurance plan, it is advisable for the student to contact the school to ensure the Premier International meets the school’s requirement for alternate comparable coverage.



































Colleges and Universities Universities in Florida

 Colleges and Universities in South Carolina

 Colleges and Universities in Tennessee

HBC and Seven Cornors provide Premier International Student Health Insurance that meet the enrollment requirements for colleges and universities in Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina. For many students the rate is as low as $45 per month.

Compare the Premier International Student Health Insurance other plans. Buy on-line and receive documentation for enrollment today.  

If you have any questions email us or phone 1.800.463.2317.