Health Benefit Concepts, Inc. (HBC) is an agency specializing in developing, marketing, servicing student health plans. HBC was formed in 1996 and student health insurance for domestic and international students is the only insurance product offered by the agency.

International Students studying at a college or university in the United States are required to provide proof of health insurance prior to enrolling for classes.  You are able to click on the plan information to determine if it meets your insurance requirements.

U.S. Students studying broad who are temporary residing outside the U.S. and engaged in educational activities are able to enroll in the plans. The plans provide a peace of mind and protection for traveling students.

Atlas Travel:  maximum coverage $50,000 to $2,000,000 and 7 deductible choices
Atlas Travel: https://quote.worldtrips.com/atlastravel/?referid=99646-0294&language=en-US

Atlas Group: for groups of 5 or more 
Atlas Group: https://quote.worldtrips.com/atlasgroup/?referid=99646-0294&language=en-US

Atlas MultiTrip:  this 364 day policy provides coverage for multiple trips of 30 or 45 days duration or less
Atlas MultiTrip: https://quote.worldtrips.com/atlasmultitrip/?referid=99646-0294&language=en-US

StudentSecure:  Meets student visa requirements for F-1 & J-1 visa. Four levels of coverage to choose from: $200,000, $500,000, $600,000 & $5,000,000 and monthly payment option
StudentSecure: https://quote.worldtrips.com/studentsecure/?referid=99646-0294&language=en-US

K-12 School Districts: If you offer any of the following -- You should consider our insurance coverage!

24 hour and School-time Accident Coverage
Interscholastic Athletic & Accident Coverage
Mandatory or Compulsory Coverage
After School Programs

Contact Us: Health Benefit Concepts  /  P.O. Box 15408 Surfside, SC 29587 / 1.800.463.2317 / al@hbcstudent.com