Premier International Student Health Insurance for
Tennessee Colleges and Universities

Premier International Health Insurance is designed for International Students on F and J-visas and visiting scholars enrolled at Colleges and Universities in Tennessee. This plan meets most school's requirements and has a lower cost for most students.

Compare our plan to your school's plan coverage, cost, and deductible.

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Tennessee Colleges and Universities welcomes international students from around the world.  The schools extends a warm welcome to all international students and visiting scholars. As an international student studying at any of the Tennessee Colleges and Universities, you are required to provide proof of medical insurance prior to enrolling for classes.

The Premier International Health Insurance Plan provides coverage for unexpected financial demands due to an accident or sickness. Enjoy your studies at the Tennessee Colleges and Universities and know that you have the medical coverage needed to enroll for classes.

Premiums as low as $45 per month.

Pay monthly with your credit card.

Coverage available up to 12 months

You are not required to buy the health plan offered by Tennessee Colleges and Universities. 

Buy on-line and receive all insurance documentation that you need to enroll at Tennessee Colleges and Universities today!

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Compare the Premier International Plan to your School's  Plan



Compare to your school's plan!















Student Premiums



Year (12 payments)


Age 0-24




Age 25-29




Age 30-34




Age 35-39




Age 40-44




Age 45-49




Age 50-54




Age 55-65




Accident & Sickness Maximum Benefit








Student Health Center



In PPO Network

$50 if not first treated by the Student Health Center (or if there is not a Student Health Center)


Out of Network



Maximum Deductible




Student Health Center



In Network

80% to $25,000,

then 100% to plan Maximum


Out of Network

70% to plan maximum





Prescription Drugs


Generic: $10 co-pay

Brand Name: $20 co-pay



Paid as any other Sickness


Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

Medical Evacuation: $500,000

Repatriation: $100,000


Emergency Reunion

$2,500 maximum


Disclaimer: The comparison is for illustration purpose only and should not be considered as advice or opinion. Any discrepancy between the comparison and the master policies are unintentional. The master policies contain all of the provisions, limitations, exclusions and qualifications of your insurance benefits which may not be included in this comparison.


 HBC has compiled this information from public information as a resource for students seeking alternate coverage to the school’s sponsored plan. HBC specifically does not intend to imply a sponsorship or endorsement between the school and our website or company. Since Premier International is an alternative to the school’s student health insurance plan, it is advisable for the student to contact the school to ensure the Premier International meets the school’s requirement for alternate comparable coverage.