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 International Student Health Insurance  

Premier International Student Health Insurance for
Colleges and Universities in the United States

Premier International Student Health Insurance

For a daily premium of $2.02 most international students can have health insurance which meets their school's medical insurance requirements for enrollment. 

As an international student studying at a college or university in the United States, you are required to provide proof of health insurance prior to enrolling for classes.  The Premier Intenational Plan meets the medical insurance requirements for enrollment for most schools. brochure.

A Benefits and Premium Comparison with waiver information for your specific school's student insurance plan is available upon request. Identify your school and your email address to premierinfo@hbcstudent.com or call us at 1.800.463.2317.

This Premier International Health Insurance Plan provides coverage for unexpected financial demands due to an accident or a sickness. Enjoy your studies and know that you have the medical coverage needed to enroll for classes.



Daily premiums as low as $2.02

Coverage available up to 12 months.

For most schools you are not required to buy the health plan offered by your college or university.

Buy on-line and receive all health insurance documentation that you need to enroll!

About Our Plan -- click for the answers to the 50+ Most Frequently Asked Questions about student health insurance

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Premier International Student Insurance Brochure


Colleges and Universities in the United States welcome international students from around the world and extenda warm welcome to all international students and visiting scholars.     




Maximum Policy

Daily Premium


Daily Premium
Student 12-24
  55-65            $15.97                $16.74

Spouse or Child
Maximum Policy
  Daily Premium

     Spouse or Child
      Maximum Policy
         Daily Premium

Spouse 12-65
Child 0-18


What are the advantages of purchasing the Premier International Student Insurance Plan?

International Students on an F-1 student visa are required by federal law to have health insurance and must provide proof of insurance coverage to their respective schools. This plan is designed specifically to meet this requirment for international students.

For most schools international students are not required to buy a specific policy. We make it easy to compare plans, buy, confirm enrollment and provide the school with the information needed for enrollment. This international student health insurance plan has been designed to meet the requirements of most schools.

This International Student Insurance Plan provides affordable premiums and benefits for protection of unexpected medical costs.

How does the school accept this plan?

Your school has a process for you to purchase other insurance plans. Contact the appropriate office at your school to obtain the waiver form. Seven Corners will assist in the completion of the school waiver form and return this form to you or your school.

Please contact Seven Corners for assistance:

            Email:             assist@sevencorners.com

            Telephone:      1-800-335-0477 or
                                    collect 0-317-575-2656

Am I eligible for this plan? 

International Students, under the age of 66, who are temporarily residing outside their Home Country. The Insured must remain engaged in educational activities outside their Home Country during the Period of Coverage Education or research activities shall mean the Insured: 1) is enrolled and participating in an educational, vocational, cultural exchange, or training programs; and 2) has a valid J-1, H-3, F, M, or Q Visa.

 Are my dependents eligible for this plan?

YES!  Eligible dependents are allowed  to enroll in the Premier International Plan.

Will I receive an identification card upon enrollment?  

Yes. Seven Corners will provide identification cards electronically.

How long of a time period am I covered?

The plan is based on daily payments. You are able to purchase a combination of daily periods (coverage) to meet your school’s required enrollment periods (Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters). Please check with your school to verify the required coverage periods to enroll in the plan to become eligible to enroll in school.

How do I pay?

Eligible students are able to enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here.

What are the plan’s deductibles?

 The plan includes the following deductibles per Injury or Sickness:

Premier International

Deductible (per Injury or Illness)

$250 maximum per Policy Year

Student Health Center


Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

$50 if not first treated by the Student Health Center (or if there is not Student Health Center)

Out of Network



What are the plan’s maternity benefits?

Maternity is treated as any other illness. Conception must occur after the Insured’s effective date of coverage.


Have more questions about Our Plan? -- click for the answers to the 50+ Most Frequently Asked Questions about student health insurance

Compare the Premier International Student Insurance Plan to Your School's International Student Insurance Plan    







If you would like assistance in comparing your school's inrternational student insurance plan
with the Premier International Plan email us or call 1.800.463.2317


Since Premier International is an alternative to the school’s student health insurance plan, it is advisable for the student to contact the school to ensure the Premier International meets the school’s requirement for alternate comparable coverage.